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Online form letters behind ‘majority’ of 31,000 robo-call complaints
The Globe And Mail

Elections Canada says the bulk of the 31,000 messages it’s received from Canadians concerning fraudulent robo-calls in the 2011 ballot were merely form letters.

“The majority of those contacts were made via automated forms or online form letters,” agency spokesman John Enright said Monday.

Form letters such as those generated by activist website – which encourages Canadians to submit them – do not spell out an allegation about specific robo-calls but merely raise concern about the subject.

Separately Monday, the Conservatives tried to turn the tables on opposition attacks over fraudulent robo-calls in Guelph by hammering the Liberals over automated calls made by Grit candidate Frank Valeriote during the 2011 campaign.

The anti-Conservative robo-call in Guelph surfaced at the end of last week and the Liberals have publicly acknowledged they were behind it. The recorded message does not tell listeners it was funded by the Valeriote campaign.

Un sondage publié dimanche montre que les conservateurs n’ont perdu aucun appui suite à ce fameux scandale des robocalls. Le public semble avoir été assez brillant pour réaliser que les médias ont voulu instrumentaliser cette histoire pour faire campagne sur le dos des conservateurs. Surtout quand on apprend, plus d’une semaine plus tard, que les libéraux ont utilisé des robocalls illégaux durant la campagne.