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The U.N. Threat to Internet Freedom
The Wall Street Journal

On Feb. 27, a diplomatic process will begin in Geneva that could result in a new treaty giving the United Nations unprecedented powers over the Internet. Dozens of countries, including Russia and China, are pushing hard to reach this goal by year’s end. As Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said last June, his goal and that of his allies is to establish « international control over the Internet » through the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), a treaty-based organization under U.N. auspices.

If successful, these new regulatory proposals would upend the Internet’s flourishing regime, which has been in place since 1988. That year, delegates from 114 countries gathered in Australia to agree to a treaty that set the stage for dramatic liberalization of international telecommunications. This insulated the Internet from economic and technical regulation and quickly became the greatest deregulatory success story of all time.

In 1995, shortly after it was privatized, only 16 million people used the Internet world-wide. By 2011, more than two billion were online—and that number is growing by as much as half a million every day. This explosive growth is the direct result of governments generally keeping their hands off the Internet sphere.

Reading even a partial list of proposals that could be codified into international law next December at a conference in Dubai is chilling…

Mais où sont les médias pour dénoncer leurs amis fascistes/socialistes de l’ONU ? Pourtant, quand les conservateurs ont voulu mettre leur nez dans l’internet avec le projet de Loi C-30, on les a entendus grogner…

Ha, mais j’oubliais… L’internet est un succès rendu possible grâce au néo-libéralisme, à la privatisation et à la déréglementation… alors il est normal que les journaleux ne s’offusquent pas de la prise de contrôle hostile de l’internet par leurs amis fascistes/socialistes de l’ONU.