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Doctors may strike over cuts to their pension pots
The Daily Telegraph

The British Medical Association, which represents 130,000 doctors and medical students, said two thirds of its members support industrial action which could cripple hospitals and GP surgeries throughout the country.

The association rejected cuts to doctor’s pensions despite warning that some hospitals are so financially stretched that patient safety can no longer be guaranteed and that “accidents will happen”.

Senior government figures said the reductions in their pensions were “modest” and in line with other public sector staff.

Over the past decade, the average consultant has seen their pay rise by 54 per cent, with less qualified doctors enjoying a rise of 30 per cent. Their pay has recently been frozen, with the average GP now earning about £110,000.

Under the proposals, doctors will have to work beyond 60 to earn the same pension, although anyone within 10 years of retirement will not see any change in their situation.

Au Canada, on a appris hier, que les divers régimes de pension des employés du gouvernement fédéral sont déficitaires de143 milliards de dollars !

« If we don’t cut spending, we will be bankrupt. Yes, the medicine is harsh, but the patient requires it in order to live. Should we withhold the medicine? No. » -Margaret Thatcher