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England To Scotland: Hurry Up And Leave!
The American Interest

As Scottish nationalist leader Alex Salmond prepares for what could be a historic meeting this week with British Prime Minister David Cameron to discuss the timing and content of a referendum on Scottish independence, some new poll numbers are shaking up elites on both sides of the border.

The English, the polls seem to be saying, want the Scots out of the United Kingdom, while the Scots want to stay in. 43 percent of the English want the Scots out, according to an ICM poll in the Daily Telegraph, and only 32 percent want them to stay. Since 52 percent of the English want a referendum “as soon as possible,” it appears they can’t wait for the kilts and the bagpipes to be gone.

The Scots, meanwhile, seem to be getting cold feet. 43 percent want the Kingdom to stay United, and while 40 percent want to go it alone. On one subject the voters in both places appear to agree: Scotland would be worse off on its own.

Le mouvement indépendantiste écossais s’est souvent inspiré du mouvement indépendantiste québécois et le mouvement indépendantiste québécois s’est souvent inspiré du mouvement indépendantiste écossais… Et j’ai bien l’impression que les deux mouvements vont connaître le même sort: ceux qui voulaient leur indépendance vont réaliser qu’il est préférable de rester, alors que les pays d’attache qui ont toujours milité contre les mouvements indépendantistes vont réaliser qu’il serait préférable de procéder à la séparation.