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The have-nots don’t seem to agree with the ‘not’
The Globe And Mail

Occupy Wall Street and its sympathizers talk endlessly about the 1 per cent and the other 99 per cent, targeting the Americans at the very upper end of the income range and everyone else. Sadly for them, many of the “everyone else” don’t see it that way, per a new poll from the Gallup polling organization.

For more than two decades, Gallup has periodically been asking the question “Do you, yourself, think of America as divided into haves and have-nots, or don’t you think of America that way?” In the summer of 2008, respondents were divided 49 per cent to 49 per cent on the question. It was the only time “no” respondents failed to outweigh those who answered “yes.”

In the most recent poll, conducted Nov. 28 through Dec. 1, however, 58 per cent of respondents answered “no,” with just 41 per cent answering “yes.” It was the most lopsided result since 2004.

The poll results, released Thursday, have not received widespread attention, but they have been noticed by conservative bloggers who say the numbers are evidence that “Americans are rejecting class warfare,” as Rick Moran of American Thinker said.