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Over-reliance on wind farms ‘will lead to power cuts’
The Daily Telegraph

A report by the Adam Smith Institute and the Scientific Alliance says that wind farms cannot meet the need for energy, leading to « a crisis by the middle of this decade ».

It estimates that five turbines would have to be put up every day to generate the Government’s targeted amount of electricity from wind, which is championed by Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary.

Martin Livermore, a director of the Scientific Alliance, said turbines cannot be built quickly enough to replace Britain’s current coal and nuclear stations, which will mostly have closed by the end of the decade. « It’s a real lack of energy security, » he said. « The rather frightening comparison is with South Africa, where they didn’t build nearly enough power stations and they’ve had rolling blackouts for a number of years.

The report challenges the Government’s claims that generating energy from wind will be cheaper in the long run.

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