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No Canadian money for eurozone bailout fund: Harper
National Post

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday that Europe must sort out its own economic mess — and flatly stated that Canada will not provide any funds to bail out the continent.

Harper delivered his message during a news conference at the close of a two-day G20 Summit, during which the leaders of the world’s most powerful economies focused on the continuing economic troubles of one region — Europe.

“I think leaders here at the G20 are sending a message that we will do whatever is necessary in the event of a global crisis to provide stability to global markets,” said Harper.

Still, the prime minister became animated and categorical when asked if Canadian taxpayers would be required to contribute to a bailout fund for Europe. “It is the government of Canada’s conviction that Europe remains fully capable of dealing with its own European problems,” he said.

“There is a lot of wealth here. There is a lot of firepower here. And the Europeans have every ability to move forward to deal with their own problems.”