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Conservatives set to table bill forcing unions to open books
The Globe And Mail

The Conservatives are set to take another hit at labour organizations, this time through a private member’s bill designed to force Canada’s unions to open their books to the public.

The legislation is set to be tabled in the House on Monday afternoon by Conservative MP Russ Hiebert, who has won a draw allowing him to be the first parliamentarian to present his private member’s bill.

The bill’s content is still confidential, but its title shows it will seek to change the rules governing labour organizations under the Income Tax Act, which exempts unions, along with charities and municipalities, from paying taxes. If adopted, the bill will force unions “to apply financial disclosure rules” that are already in place for charities, said a source, given the tax benefit that they receive.

Private members’ bills are usually free votes, but there is growing evidence that the Conservative Party is using the tool to push its agenda through Parliament.

P.-S. Le fédéral fera la job que le Québec n’a pas le courage de faire.