Pour cette revue de presse, je vous ramène le premier juin 2011 pour vous parler d’une étude, qui a fait couler très peu d’encre dans les médias québécois, à propos du sympathique Jack Layton… Voici comment le « bon Jack » faisait de la « politique autrement »…

The Gazette

Layton low on civility index
The Gazette

Despite a recent pledge to restore order and civility to the House of Commons, NDP leader Jack Layton was the least civil Parliamentarian before this spring’s election, according to researchers’ analysis of Question Period.

The civility index from McMaster University and a Toronto-based research firm rated all Parliamentarians who asked or answered at least 50 questions during the last sitting of Parliament. On the scale from zero to 100, Layton was at the bottom of the list at 39, while Conservative MP Rona Ambrose held the highest score for MPs.

McMaster’s Alex Sevigny said there was no surprise to see opposition leaders and MPs at the lower end of the scale, which was determined after « coders » were trained to watch sessions of Question Period and identify the level of rudeness based on factors such as aggression and anger.

Although Ambrose had the highest MP rating, the index found the average among all eligible government MPs was 54. The average among eligible MPs from all parties, however, was registered at 49, and 43 for opposition MPs.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and former Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe were the only party leaders above the civility average of all party MPs. Harper scored 50 while Duceppe – who was defeated in the May 2 vote – scored a 51. On a party basis, NDP representatives scored 41, with the Liberals at 42.