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Nuclear power ‘cheaper option than offshore wind farms’
The Daily Telegraph

Nuclear power should be favoured over plans to build thousands of offshore wind turbines, the Government’s climate advisers have indicated.

The Committee on Climate Change said nuclear would be the most cost–effective way of providing low–carbon electricity into the 2020s, and called for about 14 new plants by the end of the next decade.

It would mean extending plans to build 12 reactors on seven sites by 2025.

The committee also said the « very aggressive pace » of government plans to build offshore wind turbines over the next nine years should be « moderated » because of its expense.

Mr Kennedy said: « Offshore wind is a very promising technology and one we should support. It has a lot of resource potential and is becoming competitive over time. However, it will not be competitive with other low carbon technologies in the next decade or so. »