Danielle Smith

Extrait du discours prononcé par Danielle Smith, la cheffe du Wild Rose Alliance, lors du rassemblement du Réseau-Liberté Québec:

« What we have been told about our national past – about our common achievements, our founding attitudes and values, our economic development and constitutional purpose – is a systematic fabrication foisted upon us by the left-wing intelligentsia that took political control of our country in the 1960s during the ministries of Pearson, Lesage and Trudeau.

Prior to that – all the way back to the very beginnings of Canada before Confederation – we were a radically free-enterprise and small-government nation – moreso even than the Americans. “Better British liberty,” our ancestors proudly declared, “than American equality.”

Good heavens, where did that spirit of liberty disappear to? What we now tout as traditional Canadian values and virtues – unearned entitlements, paying people not to work, paying regions not to succeed – and not to secede – all these were unthinkable to the stalwart people who founded and built Canada. Today’s celebration of the easy ride and what’s-in-it-for-me were not the essence of Canadian character, they were the complete antithesis of it. »