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UNRWA scraps plan to teach Holocaust
The Jordan Times

The UNRWA [United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees] director of operations in Jordan on Thursday said the agency will commit to teaching the curricula of host countries, shelving plans to include the Holocaust in school textbooks.

On Wednesday, UNRWA teachers in the country threatened to escalate measures by staging work stoppages and strikes if the relief agency continues with a plan to include the Holocaust in school textbooks. A recent statement announcing the plan triggered a wave of protest among UNRWA Arab cadres in the five areas of operation – Jordan, Lebanon, theWest Bank, Gaza and Syria.

In a statement issued March 13, the union said that teachers, students and their parents as well as all Palestinian refugees were shocked by the agency’s plans, describing them as “attempts to derail the relief agency from its main duty of providing humanitarian services to refugees”. The statement stressed that this topic, the Holocaust, should not be allowed to enter UNRWA schools in the five fields of operation.