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Ford moves to privatize garbage collection
Toronto Star

Mayor Rob Ford’s mission to privatize city services has started with curbside garbage pickup for 165,000 Toronto homes, and members of his inner circle say it is just the beginning.

Ford said Monday the city had faxed the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 416 notice of intent to contract out trash collection west of Yonge St. to the border of Etobicoke, where pickup is already privatized.

A delighted Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday said minutes later, “we’ll have to see how this works,” but many more services are begging to be contracted out.

“There certainly are a lot of things that we could look at, and anything that’s labour-intensive here is very expensive, we know that the cleaning of police stations . . . cutting grass and digging and labour-type work. We pay pretty good pay around here — a lot better than the people who pay the (tax) bills get,” he said.

Councillor Doug Ford, the mayor’s brother and closest adviser, told fellow members of the budget committee at a Jan. 21 meeting: “We should outsource everything we can,” in 2012.