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Venezuela demands TV channel take Colombian soap opera off the air for denigrating nation
Star Tribune

Venezuelan authorities are demanding that a private television station stop airing a Colombian soap opera that they say is denigrating to their country.

The soap opera « Chepe Fortuna » features an unscrupulous secretary named « Venezuela » who has a dog called « Little Hugo, » an apparent reference to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The regulator accused the soap opera of promoting « political intolerance » and notified private Venezuelan TV state Televen on Thursday that it should pull it off the air. It wasn’t clear if the regulator’s order included a sanction for the station if it didn’t.

Last year, Conatel also threatened to sanction Televen if it didn’t stop airing the U.S. program « Family Guy, » which Chavez’s government accused of promoting the consumption and legalization of marijuana. It currently airs « Family Guy » only late at night.

The government in 2007 forced another anti-Chavez channel, RCTV, to halt broadcasts. That left Globovision as the sole stridently anti-Chavez channel left on the airwaves.