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48 out of 50 states have lost jobs since stimulus
The Hill

House Ways and Means ranking member Dave Camp (R-Mich.) on Friday released data complied by his office that shows 48 out of 50 states have lost jobs since the February 2009 enactment of the economic stimulus bill.

« While Democrats promised their 2009 stimulus would create 3.7 million jobs, the reality is far different, » stated a release from Camp’s office. « To date, 2.6 million jobs, including 2.5 million private sector jobs, have been lost. »

According to the report, only Alaska and North Dakota have experienced positive job growth since early 2009. The District of Columbia also saw an increase in hiring during that period. The report from Camp came on the heels of a Labor Department report on Thursday that showed jobless claims increased last week to 500,000, up 12,000 from the week’s prior total of 488,000. Jobless claims have increased in four of the past five weeks.

The hiring trend could frustrate White House attempts to show the stimulus package has been successful in creating jobs. The administration in June launched a six-week « recovery summer » campaign touting the achievements of the stimulus.