18 juin 2010

Tea Party Summit Économie En Vidéos États-Unis Philosophie

Discussion très intéressante sur les Tea Party, menée par le Judge Napolitano, entre Ron Paul et Sarah Palin:

Ce n’est pas au « Club des ex » qu’on risque d’entendre une discussion aussi lumineuse !

18 juin 2010

La tentation de l’autoritarisme Économie Environnement États-Unis Gauchistan Revue de presse

National Post


Obama’s Putin moment
National Post

President Obama’s forcing BP to cut its dividend and commit US$20-billion to an escrow fund for Gulf victims seems more like something Vladimir Putin or Hugo Chavez might have pulled off. Tuesday’s speech confirmed Mr. Obama’s “government knows best” attitude, and his demonization of all those who would dare to stand in his way.

His grand policy pretensions were mixed with more mundane populist fare. When he said, of the Gulf cleanup, “If something isn’t working, we want to hear about it,” he sounded much more like the community organizer than the national leader. You got problems? We’ll twist some arms for you. As for his beyond-crisis “Commitment to the Gulf Coast,” just look at what great shape Mr. Obama’s old black Chicago neighbourhoods are in. Still, interventionist aspiration tends to know no bounds, which is the flip side of its failure to acknowledge past failures.

The problem is the belief that everything should, and can, be regulated, and the failure to grasp that regulation often has perverse results. Government can threaten, harass, instruct, bully, expropriate, tax and regulate, but it isn’t very good at doing anything positive. Meanwhile, the appointment of an outside administrator for the escrow funds will do nothing necessarily to speed payments. Indeed, it is far more likely to allow the pollution of pork-barrel politics to spill into the equation.