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Hudson watchmaker awaits language ruling
The Gazette

A Hudson watchmaker is expecting a ruling soon from the province’s language police on whether his website is legal. « I am horrified that I’ve been on the Internet for 15 years and because of one complaint, they threaten me with legal action, » said Darryl A. Lesser, who does business internationally through his website.

An inspector of the Office québécois de la langue française visited his place of work Tuesday. Lesser, who specializes in high-end vintage watch restorations and who operates his one-man business from his home, received a letter from the language watchdog on Jan. 27 stating that the office had received a complaint about his English-only website.

Lesser pointed out that his clientele is not from Quebec. « My clients are from Australia, England, Norway, U.S.A, etc., etc. I have sold one watch to a Quebec address in the last five years, only one, and for a few hundred dollars, » Lesser said in an earlier interview. « I work from my home. I do not advertise. I do not send flyers or pamphlets out. And I do not do trade shows in Canada, never mind Quebec. »

Lesser said the OQLF inspector reviewed one year of his shipping invoices. « She said everything seems to be in order and that I will get a ruling shortly, » said Lesser, who has threatened to move his business to Ontario.