The New York Times

Republicans Have Eyes on House Seats in Northeast in Midterm Races
The New York Times

Republican candidates are showing surprising financial strength in Congressional districts held by Democrats in the Northeast that party leaders have singled out as ripe for what could be critical gains in the November election. Some of the most competitive races are taking shape in the New York metropolitan region.

The promising financial picture for individual Republican candidates suggests that the midterm elections in the Northeast, a Democratic stronghold, may turn out to be far more competitive than expected, forcing Democrats to play defense on what is essentially their home turf.

Independent analysts say there are a dozen Democratic-held districts in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire where the incumbents could face strong challenges , and in many of those districts Republican candidates have amassed sizable sums of money.

“If Democrats have to spend money protecting seats in a place like the Northeast, they’ll have less money to spend in other parts of the country,” said one senior Republican official who did not want to be identified because he was not authorized to discuss internal party strategy. “That could make a big difference around the country.”