Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar, le champion poids lourd de l’UFC (une organisation de MMA) s’est payé une petite visite au Canada il y a quelques mois. Durant son voyage, il est tombé gravement malade, voici comment il relate cette expérience qui a failli lui coûter la vie

« Probably the lowest moment was getting care from Canada. I hate to bash them, but … not to get on the political side of things, but our healthcare system is a little radical, but listen, we’ve got the best doctors in the world here. Our system does need some restructuring, but I don’t believe a total reform is the answer.

They couldn’t do nothing for me. It was like I was in a third-world country. I just looked at my wife and she saved my life and I had to get out of here. I’m just stating the facts here, and that’s the facts. I love Canada. I own property in Canada, but if I had to choose between getting care in Canada or the United States, I’d definitely want to be in the United States.

My wife saved my life. She got me out of there and drove a hundred miles an hour to get me to Bismarck, North Dakota, to Medcenter One, got me with Dr. Berger and his staff at Medcenter One, and that doctor there saved my career and my life. »

Lesnar wouldn’t reveal the name of the Canadian medical center where he received his initial care, but he said that machinery at the facility wasn’t working when the staff needed it.