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Poll gives Wildrose big lead
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The surging Wildrose Alliance party would form the next provincial government in Alberta if an election were held tomorrow, according to a new poll of decided voters that gives the right-of-centre party a double-digit lead in popular support over the long-ruling Tories.

A new Angus Reid Public Opinion survey of 1,000 Albertans suggests 39% of voters would cast a ballot for Danielle Smith and the Wildrose Alliance.

The fledgling party is pulling away from Premier Ed Stelmach’s Progressive Conservatives, who were tied with David Swann’s Liberals for second place with the backing of 25% of decided voters province-wide, according to the poll.

The Wildrose Alliance — buoyed by their recent leadership race and byelection win in the Calgary area — is solidly in first place in every region of the province, according to the poll.

In Edmonton, the Wildrose party leads with 36% support, the Liberals are at 26%, Conservatives at 25% and NDP at 12%.

In the rural ridings — historically the bedrock of Tory support– Ms. Smith’s party is way out in front with the backing of 44% of voters, compared to 25% for the Conservatives, 21% for the Grits and 7% for the NDP.