Clive Crook

Clive Crook, éditeur sénior du magazine « The Atlantic » au sujet du climategate:

« The response of the climate-science establishment to Climategate has been disappointing if predictable. The guild mentality has come to the fore. Campaigns are under way to defend the integrity of science from a scurrilous smear campaign. The message is simple: you are either with us or you are a barbarian.

If coercing the data, bad-mouthing dissenters, and covering your tracks are business as usual in climate science why expect the other proofs of the temperature record to be any better? I would be far more persuaded by the « plenty of other evidence » line if there had been more of an outcry over the CRU emails from within the climate-science community.

To criticise the work of a particular scientist or collaborating group of scientists is no more to attack science than criticising a particular journalist is to attack press freedom, or criticising a particular politician is to attack democracy. Trying to shut down criticism in the name of science is the real attack on science. »