20 novembre 2009
20 novembre 2009

L’État boulimique Économie États-Unis Récession


Pour l’année 2009, le déficit du gouvernement américain s’élève à 1 240 milliards de dollars, un record.

Pour l’année 2009, le profit total des 1 000 plus grosses corporations américaines s’élève à 691 milliards de dollars.

Donc, même si Barack Obama avait décidé de taxer à 100% les profits des 1 000 plus grosses corporations américaines, cela aurait tout juste suffi à réduire le déficit de moitié.

20 novembre 2009

Transparence Économie États-Unis Revue de presse

The Wall Street Journal

Americans Deserve a Transparent Fed
The Wall Street Journal

By Mr. Paul, a Republican congressman from Texas & Mr. DeMint, a Republican senator from South Carolina.

For nearly a century the Federal Reserve has operated in the shadows, away from the prying eyes of Congress, journalists and the American people. Created in 1913, the Fed was given enormous responsibility to protect the value of our currency. Yet in the last 96 years the U.S. dollar has lost more than 95% of its purchasing power. The Fed’s unprecedented actions over the past year in attempting to stabilize the financial system have now forced it into the spotlight, and caused millions of people around the country to question the opacity of the Fed’s financial transactions.

What is needed is a full audit of the Fed, something that has never happened. We need to know who the Fed is giving money to, what types of securities are being purchased and what backs those securities, how much money is being paid for those securities, etc.

As strong opponents of government intervention into the economy, we do not want to see Congress directly dictate monetary policy. But while the Fed is involved so heavily in monetary policy and its actions so heavily influence the future of our economy, it is necessary that it be fully transparent. Interventions into the economy on the order of trillions of dollars cannot continue to escape public scrutiny. American taxpayers deserve better.