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Palestinian rivals move closer to deal
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Asked how he would try to convey this approach to leaders such as Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Mr. Yousef [Hamas’s deputy foreign minister] was clear.

« We’re going to tell him that it’s time to be fair, because, in any conflict, if you take sides and do not have an even-handed policy, that means you will be considered part of the conflict. »

« We know of Canada as taking part in the blue helmets and as part of the United Nations and helping to solve the problems,” he said. “Now we are seeing Canada giving Israel all kinds of support and keeping blaming Hamas and the Palestinians. This is unfair and it doesn’t help the Canadian interests. »

He insisted the comment was not a threat: « It’s just that the Muslim community all over the world is very attached to al-Aqsa mosque and so on, and I don’t think Canada would like to be seen by the Muslims all over the world as being part of the aggressor. »