Ron Paul

Ron Paul au sujet du gouvernement et de la Réserve Fédérale:

« My biggest concern is personal liberty and I’ve noticed over the years that both Republicans and Democrats have very little respect for personal liberty and therefore I’ve been fighting this and I want the government to be small. If the government is big, you have less personal liberty. […]

If an individual borrows a million dollars a month, they can live beyond their means until they have to pay the bills. When the government does it, they pay their bills through financial crisis, inflation, unemployment and all these kinds of problem. […]

The government should protect the value of the money and not destroy it. The government has an important role in financial issues. They should protect against fraud. For instance, Enron went bankrupt. The market said their stock was worthless and under State Anti-Fraud laws, these individuals were prosecuted and put in jail. You didn’t need more regulations. You have to have anti-fraud laws. But it’s hard to enforce fraud laws when the government participates in frauds. »