Glenn Beck

C’est Nate Silver, un annaliste pro-démocrate, qui aura été en mesure comprendre le phénomène Glenn Beck:

Beck is conservative but anti-establishment. And that may be working out pretty well for him, since the country seems to be becoming more anti-establishment too.

Beck is a PoMoCon — a post-modern conservative. And his philosophy is not all that difficult to articulate. It borrows a couple of things from traditional American conservatism:

  • It shares an extreme distrust for government, particularly the Federal Government.
  • It shares the notion that American society is in some sort of state of existential decline.

On the other hand, it also features some important differences:

  • It is much more distrustful of non-governmental institutions, such as labor unions, corporations, political parties, community groups, the media, and scientific institutions.
  • It is largely indifferent toward ‘social issues’.
  • It is much less explicitly aligned with the Republican Party.
  • It has much less use for elites, which it also distrusts.