Seriez-vous prêt à payer pour éviter d'attendre des heures dans une clinique ?

Les Américains ont ce choix:

Médecine capitaliste

In-store retail health clinics, where folks can get health care in the same store where they’re buying a package of toilet paper or an eyeglass cleaning kit, are a relatively new concept in retail.

Last month, The Little Clinic opened in the King Soopers store at 1611 Pace St. It’s one of four that opened recently in Denver-area King Soopers, bringing the total number of metro-area clinics to eight. The Longmont location is the farthest north.

In the competitive world of retail, foot traffic is everything. Having a clinic inside a grocery store where nurse practitioners can diagnose, treat and write prescriptions for illnesses is one way retailers hope to draw more foot traffic.

Siders said her clinic runs four specials every month, and one of them this month is “child growth percentile tests,” which look at a child’s height and weight and sees where they fall compared to other kids their age.

“If we did catch something out of the norm, we would do education, maybe recommend them to their primary care provider,” Siders said.