Ronald Reagan

Barack Obama étant trop lâche pour soutenir les Iraniens voulant libérer leur pays de la dictature des mollahs, ressuscitons Ronald Reagan l'espace d'un instant. En 1981, les Polonais sont descendus dans les rues pour se libérer du joug communiste. Voici comment Reagan avait commenté ce soulèvement (et comment il pourrait commenter le soulèvement en Iran):

"All the information that we have confirms that the imposition of martial law in Poland has led to the arrest and confinement, in prisons and detention camps, of thousands of Polish trade union leaders and intellectuals. Factories are being seized by security forces and workers beaten.

We’re not naive. We view the current situation in Poland in the gravest of terms, particularly the increasing use of force against an unarmed population and violations of the basic civil rights of the Polish people.

Violence invites violence and threatens to plunge Poland into chaos. We call upon all free people to join in urging the Government of Poland to reestablish conditions that will make constructive negotiations and compromise possible.

The Polish nation, speaking through Solidarity, has provided one of the brightest, bravest moments of modern history. The people of Poland are giving us an imperishable example of courage and devotion to the values of freedom in the face of relentless opposition. Left to themselves, the Polish people would enjoy a new birth of freedom. But there are those who oppose the idea of freedom, who are intolerant of national independence, and hostile to the European values of democracy and the rule of law.

But the torch of liberty is hot. It warms those who hold it high. It burns those who try to extinguish it. Our sympathies are with the people, not the government."