San Francisco Chronicle

Obama angers gays with marriage law defense
San Francisco Chronicle

President Obama, who said as a candidate that he would seek repeal of a law denying federal recognition of same-sex marriage, has angered gay rights groups with court arguments portraying the law as a nondiscriminatory measure that « preserves scarce government resources. »

The Justice Department’s filing with a federal court in Santa Ana was the administration’s first statement on the constitutionality of the Defense of Marriage Act, the 1996 law that denies federal marriage benefits to same-sex couples. Those benefits include joint tax filing, Social Security survivors’ payments and spousal immigration status.

The law also allows states to withhold recognition of same-sex marriages performed in another state or country.

Obama called the law « abhorrent » during the presidential campaign and said he would work to overturn it. He has not presented any such legislation to Congress since taking office, however.

« We ask him to live up to his emphatic campaign promises, to stop making false and damaging legal arguments, and immediately to introduce a bill to repeal (the Defense of Marriage Act) and ensure that every married couple in America has the same access to federal benefits, » the National Center for Lesbian Rights said Friday.

N.B.: Sarah Palin a reconnu les unions entre conjoints de même sexe en Alaska.