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White House admits Limbaugh attacks unhelpful
The Washington Times

The White House on Wednesday fessed up to lowering the quality of public discourse and acknowledged that its sniping at radio show host Rush Limbaugh has been « counterproductive, » even as Democratic political committees continued to use the issue in a political line of attack approved by the Obama administration itself.

« It may be counterproductive. I’ll give you that, » said White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, when asked about his repeated verbal jousting with Mr. Limbaugh and other media personalities who have criticized President Obama.

Mr. Gibbs made the remark Wednesday after several weeks in which he pointedly blasted one cable television reporter, ridiculed the audience of a cable network and questioned who was in control of Republicans. But it served to keep the issue in the news yet again, in what appears to be an intentional strategy.

[Chief of Staff] Mr. Emanuel highlighted Mr. Limbaugh’s comments that he wants the Obama administration’s economic policies to fail. Politico reported later in the week that Mr. Emanuel consorted with top Democratic operatives, including regular CNN contributors James Carville and Paul Begala, to try to make the flamboyant radio personality the face of the Republican Party.