Et tu, Brute ?

Réaction au budget des conservateurs:

Budget ‘09: Tories take a final leap into the void

Say what you like about the Tories: they don’t do things by halves. When they spend, they spend. When they go into debt, they do it $100-billion at a time. And when they decide to put an end to conservatism in Canada — as a philosophy, as a movement—they go out with a bang.

National Post
Here's Harper's unconvincing change of heart

Today's budget will be the final act in a long transformation of Mr. Harper's Conservative party from a policy-driven, principled voice for conservatism to a process-driven electoral machine, intent only on surviving the coming budget vote and winning the next election. […]

In the life of every ministry, there comes a moment when convictions have been worn down by the constant pressures of power, leaving the government on all sides of every issue, standing for everything and nothing.

Stephen Harper's government may well have reached that point with this budget.

H/T: Western Standard