Tony Snow

Tony Snow, l'ancien secrétaire de presse de George Bush, est décédé hier des suites d’un cancer. L’année dernière, Snow a reçu le « Freedom of Speech Award« . Voici ce qu'il avait à dire pour l’occasion à propos des médias. En espérant qu'un jour Richard Hétu comprenne ces paroles…

"The major media organs in this country have become purveyors of conventional wisdom— generally, conventional liberal wisdom. […]

And what about conventional wisdom? A vigorous press must be one in which reporters challenge their own sympathies and assumptions as aggressively as they challenge the sympathies and assumptions of others. Unfortunately, that too seldom happens, with the consequence that opinion-mongering has driven out straight news.

The ideological sameness of major news organizations is bad journalism, bad business and bad for the First Amendment, which was designed to foment ferocious debate — not orthodoxy. In response to this neo-orthodoxy, competing media have arisen to fill the void. These include talk radio, conservative blogs and internet sites, and the like."