Murder in Amsterdam

Si on m’avais demander d’écrire le rapport sur « les pratiques d’accommodement reliées aux différences culturelles », au lieu d’écrire un document de 300 pages, j’aurais cité un extrait du livre "Murder in Amsterdam":

"The generosity of the state towards refugees and other newcomers can lead to a peculiar resentment. The Dutch feel that since they ‘have been so kind’ to the foreigners, the foreigners should behave as the Dutch do. Then there is the other kind of resentment, of the recipients of Dutch government largesse, who feel that it is never enough…

Europeans are proud of their welfare states, but they were not designed to absorb large numbers of immigrants. Immigrants appear to fare better in the harsher systems of the United States, where there is less temptation to milk the state. The necessity to fend for oneself encourages a kind of tough integration."