Barack Obama a bien tenté de se distancer de son pasteur raciste, mais ce qui ressort de son discours c'est surtout son hypocrisie…


Obama se défend en disant qu'il considère son pasteur comme un membre de sa famille. Désolé, si on ne choisit pas les membres de sa famille, on peut choisir ses amis.

Et pendant ce temps…

McCain’s 67% Favorable Rating His Highest in Eight Years

John McCain's 67% favorable rating is the highest of any of the three major candidates running for president, and ties for his highest in Gallup polling history.

John McCain

McCain's favorable rating matches the 67% he received in February 2000, when he was in the middle of his first run for president. But since that point, McCain's image in the eyes of Americans has undergone significant shifts. The Arizona senator had favorable ratings in the 57% range as he began his presidential campaign last winter, but as his campaign floundered this past summer, his favorable rating dropped as low as 41%. At that point, many observers had written off the former POW's campaign. But McCain came roaring back, winning the New Hampshire primary and then clinching the Republican nomination. His current favorable rating represents a gain of 26 points since last summer, including an 11 points increase since he won enough delegates to ensure his nomination on March 4.

John McCain

One reason for the higher favorable ratings McCain and Obama enjoy is their cross-appeal to Americans who identify with the "other" party.

McCain gets an extraordinarily high 52% favorable from Democrats and independents who lean Democratic, while Obama gets a 39% favorable rating from Republicans and Republican leaners. Clinton, on the other hand, receives only a 20% favorable rating from Republicans and Republican leaners.

McCain is also helped by the fact that he receives an 87% favorable rating from Republicans, higher than the 80% and 79% that Clinton and Obama, respectively, currently receive from Democrats.