Quand vient le temps de parler d’économie, il se dit des connerie dans tous les médias, même sur Fox News.

Voici comment un animateur populiste se fait remettre à sa place par l’économiste Steven Landsburg:

Ceux qui condamnent la mondialisation et défendent le protectionnisme doivent être dénoncés pour ce qu’ils sont: des racistes.

Ayn Rand Institute
« Buy American » is UN-American

Philosophically, Americanism means individualism. Individualism holds that one’s personal identity, moral worth, and inalienable rights belong to one as an individual, not as a member of a particular race, class, nation, or other collective.

But collectivism is the premise of « Buy American. » In purchasing goods, we are expected to view ourselves and the sellers not as individuals, but as units of a nation. We are expected to accept lower quality or more expensive goods in the name of alleged benefits to the national collective.

Most « Buy American » advocates are motivated by misplaced patriotism. But for some the motive is a collectivist hostility towards foreigners. This xenophobic attitude is thoroughly un-American; it is plain bigotry.

Giving preference to American-made products over German or Japanese products is the same injustice as giving preference to products made by whites over those made by blacks. Economic nationalism, like racism, means judging men and their products by the group from which they come, not by merit.