Rashid Al-Alwani

La semaine dernière, Rashid Al-Alwani, le gouverneur de la province d'Anbar, s’est adressé aux soldats de la garde nationale du Vermont. Ces derniers ont travaillé avec les citoyens d’Anbar pour se débarrasser d'Al-Qaeda (Anbar était le « quartier général » d’Al-Qaeda en Irak).

"We have defeated al-Qaida in this very large province of Al Anbar as a result of our cooperation with your forces. This victory came as a result of our cooperation with your forces and our bloods have spilled together.

For people who served in Al Anbar province, if they returned today they would see a dramatic shift in the security situation. The province has changed completely. Security is no longer a challenge. Rebuilding and development is now the real challenge. The secret behind our success in Anbar province was the shift in mentality in how people now reject members of al-Qaida. In the past, people of Anbar provided logistical support for these fighters thinking they were fighting in the name of God. When they realized they were no more than criminals and killers, their mentality shifted."