"Is the problem here lack of access to clean water? No. Is it starvation? No. Is it lazyness? Definitely not. No, it's poverty due to lack of growth, due to lack of reform. Everything else is just a symptom of that. In fact, even the biggest horrors – famine and war – have political causes. No democracy has ever been inflicted by a famine, and no two democracies have ever made war on each other. Africa has been subjected by socialism, gangster rule and protectionism. Africa has not been too globalized; it has been too marginalized."

Extrait du documentaire "Globalisation is Good" de Johan Norberg. Voici comment les altermondialistes, le socialisme et la corruption appauvrissent l'Afrique…

Statistiques tirées du tout dernier rapport "Doing Business 2008" de la Banque Mondiale:


Notez que les pays riches ou ayant de fortes croissances économiques sont ceux qui ont créé un environnement propice aux l'entreprises privées.

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