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The "Tyrant on Tour" Coverage Tops the News

For a few days last week, it was certainly a circus in the press. According to PEJ’s News Coverage Index for Sept. 23-28, the subject of Iran (dominated by Ahmadinejad’s trip) accounted for 13% of all news coverage. Iran finished ahead of the 2008 Presidential race (11%), the bloody anti-government protests in Myanmar (8%), the labor showdown and deal between General Motors and the United Auto Workers (5%) and the situation on the ground in Iraq (5%).

A look at the coverage of Ahmadinejad’s visit by media sector last week suggests that much of the story was driven by opinion and commentary. In the media that typically are more focused on information, Iran was not as big a story. It was the fifth-biggest subject on newspaper front-pages at only 5%. It was the third-biggest story online (at 7%) and on network news (10%).

But the two platforms where Iran and its leader really dominated were cable news (21%) and radio (28%). In those two sectors, which feature talk shows, hosts took the occasion to sound off on everything from the propriety of Columbia President Lee Bollinger’s insult-riddled introduction of Ahmadinejad (calling him “a petty and cruel dictator”) to whether the Iranian President outsmarted his critics simply by showing up.

Coverage dropped off dramatically after Ahmadinejad’s Sept. 24 Columbia and Sept. 25 UN speeches. More than 80% of the stories about Iran last week appeared on those two days. And last week’s outburst continued the irregular and sporadic cycle of news coverage of Iran in a year in which the hostility between Tehran and Washington increased and in which the prospects of military confrontation appears to have grown. (“The Whispers of War” was the Oct. 1 Newsweek headline warning of the possibility of Israel and/or the U.S. attacking Iran to pre-empt its nuclear weapon program.)

The "Tyrant on Tour" Coverage Tops the News