Mi-Che MouseLundi dernier j'ai parlé du virage socialiste de Ben Laden… Il semble bien que l'extrême-gauche est déjà prête à faire copain-copain avec les islamistes au nom de leur lutte anti-impérialiste…

En Italie, la nouvelle génération des Brigades Rouges a manifesté son intention de recruter de nouveaux membres dans les mosquées; l'extrême-gauche italienne considère l'islam comme "la religion du prolétariat".

Christian Science Monitor
Bin Laden's new image: younger, more Marxist

While in the past bin Laden emphasized the clash of cultures and religions as the basis for confrontation, he now talks about commonalities of victimhood and suffering. He blames the global system of capital and class for the tragedies in Iraq and Afghanistan, the poverty of Africa, and "the reeling of many [Americans] under the burden of interest-related debts, insane taxes, and real estate mortgages." According to the new bin Laden, big capital, class interests, and multinationals – not religion or culture – are responsible for perpetuating war and killing. […]

Bin Laden's address is a new twist in the ideological struggle for hearts and minds, mostly because it targets Westerners and Americans. Obviously, bin Laden and his senior associates feel confident to expand their propaganda campaign in the other war – the war of ideas.

The Jamestown Foundation
Italy's Left-Wing Terrorists Flirt with Radical Islamists