Ben LadenVendredi dernier, Ben Laden a brisé 2 ans de silence pour s'adresser aux américains dans une vidéo de 26 minutes ayant pour titre "The Solution".

Ben Laden a beau être un meurtrier de masse, il n'est pas complètement fou. Il sait qu'en occident ses plus grands alliés se trouvent à gauche, pour ne pas dire à l'extrême gauche, de l'échiquier politique. C'est probablement avec l'intention de séduire ces "idiots utiles" que Ben Laden a fait un virage socialiste !

Dans un premier temps, voici un tagcloud du discours du chef d'Al-Qaeda:

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On y voit déjà les premiers signes de ce virage socialiste, mais c'est en s'attardant aux détails du discours qu'on peut en prendre pleine conscience:

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SITE Transcript and Video Link to Bin Laden Video

"It has now become clear to you and the entire world the impotence of the democratic system and how it plays with the interests of the peoples and their blood by sacrificing soldiers and populations to achieve the interests of the major corporations."

"And with that, it has become clear to all that they are the real tyrannical terrorists. In fact, the life of all of mankind is in danger because of the global warming resulting to a large degree from the emissions of the factories of the major corporations, yet despite that, the representative of these corporations in the White House insists on not observing the Kyoto accord."

"This greatest of plagues and most dangerous of threats to the lives of humans is taking place in an accelerating fashion as the world is being dominated by the democratic system, which confirms its massive failure to protect humans and their interests from the greed and avarice of the major corporations and their representatives."

"If you were to ponder it well, you would find that in the end, it is a system harsher and fiercer than your systems in the Middle Ages. The capitalist system seeks to turn the entire world into a fiefdom of the major corporations under the label of "globalization" in order to protect democracy".

"This is why I tell you: as you liberated yourselves before from the slavery of monks, kings, and feudalism, you should liberate yourselves from the deception, shackles and attrition of the capitalist system".

"So it is imperative that you free yourselves from all of that and search for an alternative, upright methodology in which it is not the business of any class of humanity to lay down its own laws to its own advantage at the expense of the other classes as is the case with you, since the essence of man-made positive laws is that they serve the interests of those with the capital and thus make the rich richer and the poor poorer."

L'union entre la gauche et l'islamisme est consommée. Ben Laden c'est transformé en colérique blogueur de gauche.