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OECD Regions at a Glance 2007

Patent statistics provide a measure of innovation, as they reflect the inventive performance of countries, regions and firms. The geographic distribution of patents therefore indicates the level of diffusion of technology and knowledge across regions.

Predominantly urban regions appear to provide the most fertile ground for innovative activity. In 2003, the correlation between patents and population in urban regions was positive in all OECD countries. It was particularly pronounced in the Netherlands (0.92), Denmark (0.86), and Portugal (0.81).

Although somewhat less so, intermediate regions also make a noteworthy contribution to patent activity. In 10 out of 21 OECD countries the correlation between patents and population in intermediate regions was positive.

Finally the correlation between patent activity and population in rural regions was negative in all OECD countries except Korea (0.77), the Czech Republic (0.37) and Poland (0.01). The negative correlation was particularly pronounced in Canada (–0.90), the United Kingdom (–0.76) and Sweden (–0.74).

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