Le Top 5 de l'actualité américaine (24-29 juin) selon le Pew Research Center:

Actualités États-Unis

Immigration is Top Story, but Terror Takes Over

The immigration vote and terror plot were just two elements of a crowded news week. Only three percentage points separated the second-biggest story (the 2008 presidential campaign at 6%) from the tenth story (Texas floods at 3%).

In that kind of busy news environment, two events that might have otherwise attracted more attention—professional wrestler Chris Benoit’s apparent family murder/suicide spree and socialite Paris Hilton’s release from jail complete with a professed embrace of God—failed to make the top-10 list.

Five of the top-10 stories were Washington-centric, including the immigration battle, the race for the White House, a major ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court (third-biggest at 6%), controversy surrounding the secretive power and influence of Vice-president Dick Cheney (fifth-biggest at 5%) and the Iraq policy debate (eighth-biggest at 4%). The week’s top story list also included several spot-news events including the fire near Lake Tahoe (sixth-biggest at 5%), the case of murdered Ohio woman Jessie Davis (ninth at 3%), and the Texas floods.

Immigration is Top Story, but Terror Takes Over