Pour faire suite au texte publié dans Le Devoir par une étudiante en science politique de l'UQAM…

Le Devoir
Lettre à Catherine Déri et aux militaires québécois qui s'en vont occuper l'Afghanistan

Les talibans sont l'ennemi des États-Unis, ils ne sont pas l'ennemi du peuple afghan.

Pauvres afghans, trop bêtes pour comprendre que si les talibans leur interdisent la musique, les films et l'éducation, c'est pour leur bien… Parce que les talibans, c'est bien connu, ne recherche que le bien des afghans…

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch
The Consequences of Insurgent Attacks in Afghanistan

Overall, at least 669 Afghan civilians were killed in at least 350 separate armed attacks by anti-government forces in 2006. Almost half of these attacks appear to have been intentionally launched at civilians or civilian objects. […]

These insurgent attacks have caused terrible and profound harm to the Afghan civilian population. Attacks have killed and maimed mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, parents, and children, leaving behind widows, widowers, and orphans. Many civilians have been specifically targeted by the insurgents, including aid workers, doctors, day laborers, mechanics, students, clerics, and civilian government employees such as teachers and engineers.

The Daily Telegraph
Taliban campaign targets girls' schools

The notice pinned to the board outside the Mohammed Hussain Maila girls' school in Dara Adamkhel was uncompromising: "We have decided to bomb the school building. If any of the students shows up and dies as a result, she will be responsible for her own death." […]

Across the border in Afghanistan, the Taliban's antipathy towards the education of girls is well-documented, and has led to the murders of at least 61 teachers in the past 18 months and the razing of 183 schools. […]

"We always wanted our daughter to acquire education, but we are scared," said Baaz Khan, a businessman, who took his 11-year-old daughter from the school.

Pour le reste, on peut aussi compter sur les talibans pour mettre du plomb dans la tête des Afghans qui refusent d'être libéré: