Le Top 5 de l'actualité américaine (10-15 juin) selon le Pew Research Center:

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New Twist in Immigration Fight is Big News

For much of the year, immigration was a backburner subject. But since Senators worked out a compromise bill on May 17, the topic has finished among the top-five stories each week. That was in part thanks to the bill triggering an outpouring of heated opposition from talk show hosts such as radio’s Rush Limbaugh and CNN’s Lou Dobbs. (From May 13-June 15, immigration was the second-biggest story overall, trailing only the 2008 presidential race.)

The passions stirred by this issue were on display during a June 14 debate on Fox News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor” between commentators Michelle Malkin and Geraldo Rivera. Malkin, a supporter of tough enforcement against undocumented or illegal aliens, declared that Rivera “suffers from open-border narcissism on this issue.”

Rivera responded that Malkin’s goal is “population transfer. She wants to turn every neighbor into…a snitch, a rat.”

And that was one of the more polite exchanges between the two.

The second-biggest story behind the immigration furor last week was the quasi-civil war in the Palestinian territories that pitted the Islamist Hamas faction against the Western- backed Fatah forces. The story filled 9% of the overall newshole as defined by our Index and was the No. 1 story in the newspaper (9%), online (19%), network TV (11%) sectors. Newshole in the Index is the total time on television and radio and column inches in print and online news outlets.

The intra-Palestinian strife was but one of four top-10 stories connected to the spiraling violence in the Middle East. Bloodshed on the ground in Iraq was the third-biggest story (7%), while the policy debate over the war (3%) was the sixth-biggest story. Simmering tensions between the U.S. and Iran was the number nine story at 2%.

Immigration was the leading domestic story last week, but not the only one to make the top-10 list. The 2008 race for the White House, even in a relatively slow week, was the fourth biggest topic at 7%. A failed no-confidence vote against Attorney General Alberto Gonzales—as well as Congressional subpoenas for former White House staffers Harriet Miers and Sara Taylor—drove coverage of the U.S. attorneys scandal to become fifth-biggest story of the week (at 3%). And the news that former vice-presidential aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby could not delay his jail sentence while he appeals the verdict in the Valerie Plame leak case was the tenth leading story at 2%.

New Twist in Immigration Fight is Big News