À propos de l'Irak et de Saddam Hussein, qui a dit:

Al Gore The author of the memorandum noted that Iraq continued to cooperate with terrorists, that it was meddling in Lebanon, that it was working hard at chemical and biological weapons and new missiles. These are exact quotes from the memorandum to the administration. […]

Did his judgment on foreign policy come into play when he was told that this nation [Iraq] with a record of terrorism, continuing, was making a sustained, concerted effort to acquire weapons of mass destruction, nuclear, chemical, and biological? […]

He blindly ignores the evidence already at the administration's disposal of Iraqi behavior in the past regarding human rights, terrorism, the use of chemical weapons, the pursuit of advanced weapons of mass destruction. Instead, it makes an heroic assumption of good behavior in the future on the basis of an interesting theory, namely, that Iraq would suddenly and completely change its ways out of a fear of economic and political sanctions. Al Gore

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Al Gore reprochant à Bush père sa mollesse avec Saddam Hussein !

Al Gore