Le Top 5 de l'actualité américaine (27 mai-1 juin) selon le Pew Research Center:

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The Infamous 'TB Traveler' is the Top Story

Speaker’s overseas odyssey struck a number of sensitive and critical chords last week. (One doctor told ABC News it was a scenario that “could have been written by Shakespeare.”) It triggered a global public health scare, placed the CDC at the center of a controversy, raised questions about terrorism preparedness and border security, and touched on the basic issue of personal accountability and morality.

Not surprisingly, the case turned out to be the biggest story of the week, filling 12% of the newshole, according to PEJ’s News Coverage Index from May 27-June 1. The TB saga was a top five story in all five media sectors, but it was primarily a television phenomenon. It was the top story in both network (16%) and cable TV (24%), although CNN’s prime-time lineup devoted far more time to the subject than Fox’s. And MSNBC’s cable talk lineup virtually ignored the story.

The 2008 Presidential race—the second biggest overall story last week (9%)—was the top event in the newspaper (8%) and radio (15%) sectors. Two major story lines were Republican Fred Thompson inching closer to a formal candidacy and the impact two new books about Hillary Clinton might have on the course of her campaign.

The third biggest story was the situation inside Iraq (7%). But when you add that category together with the impact of the war at home (fourth biggest story at 4%) and the policy debate (seventh biggest story 4%), Iraq combined to account for 15% of all of last week’s coverage.

The continuing debate over immigration policy was the fifth biggest overall subject at 4%. And it was the second leading story on radio where conservative talk hosts continue to hammer away at the May 17 compromise legislation.

Coverage of the sixth biggest story, the conflict with Iran (4%) started off on a mildly optimistic note with news of the May 28 direct talks between Washington and Tehran on the situation in Iraq. But by the end of the week, tensions again ratcheted up as the U.S. issued warnings to Iran’s government about four detained Iranian-Americans and the continuation of its nuclear enrichment program.

The Infamous 'TB Traveler' is the Top Story