Le préjugé veut que les américains soient accros aux armes à feu.

Ce préjugé doit être nuancé:

États-Unis NRA

Violence Policy Center
A Shrinking Minority: The Continuing Decline of Gun Ownership in America

The importance of this downward trend is not lost on the gun industry, which works to maintain its political clout by consistently overestimating the number of Americans who own guns. […]

So why are the gun industry and gun lobby whistling as they walk together through the graveyard? Because they recognize that the gun culture in America is fading away, and with it, the customers and activists that America’s gunmakers and gun lobby rely on.

When talking to the news media, gunmakers work to present themselves as a vibrant, growing industry that is an inextricable part of American society. Yet, for the past decade, when talking amongst themselves in industry publications, the issue, as voiced in one gunmaker’s ad in 1998 is: "It’s not who your customers will be in five years. It’s will there be any customers left?".

Les anti-américains devront revoir leur discours…