Victimes collatérales de la tragédie de Virginia Tech ? Le peuple américain…

Peuple américain qui doit se tapper la condescendance, le ton moralisateur et les analyses boiteuses des "american-bashers".

Voici un éditorial d'un journal mexicain qui illustre à merveille tout le ridicule du "american-bashing":

The violence in the United States

That violent attitude is exacerbated by the warmongering spirit of the George W. Bush government, which has ignited much of the world with its war on terrorism.

The President failed to mention the impact that his aggressive policies have had on his own people, to say nothing of those affected by his combat operations. Bush has ordered his generals and troops to search for Osama bin Laden anywhere in the world, nevertheless it is clear that the real tension preventing the United States from living in peace and harmony exists in his own country, the achievement of which is the supposed objective of the Pentagon's military campaign.

This is not only about the attacks on universities. A gun culture exists in this country. According to data from a diverse array of U.S. organizations, there are 80 people killed by guns every day. […]

These are facts, figures and tragedies that speak of a profound crisis of values in a nation that claims to embody them.

À ceci je réponds simplement:

Taux homicide