Le Top 5 de l'actualité américaine (25-30 mars) selon le Pew Research Center:

Top 5 USA

The ability to connect Iran’s holding of 15 British sailors and marines to the price at the gas pump is one reason why a crisis that does not directly involve this country was the biggest story overall last week, according to PEJ’s News Coverage Index from March 25-March 30. This new Iranian hostage crisis, which began on March 23, filled 12% of the overall newshole, and was the number one story in three media sectors—online (23%), network TV (11%) and cable (16%).

In a busy news week, the fallout from the eight fired U.S. attorneys was the second biggest story at 11%, making it the third straight week that this subject has exceeded 10% of the overall coverage. Right behind that was the Iraq debate (at 10%), fueled in part by the 51-47 U.S. Senate vote on March 29 to set a troop withdrawal timetable. Next (at 7%) was the 2008 U.S. Presidential campaign where a good portion of the coverage was related to the March 22 announcement that Elizabeth Edwards’s cancer had returned. (Katie Couric’s March 25 “60 Minutes” interview with John and Elizabeth Edwards left some viewers complaining that she had been too tough.)

British Hostages Drive the Top U.S. Story