Une étude réalisée aux États-Unis mais qui pourrait s'appliquer au Québec:

Religious Traditions and Attitudes toward Immigrants

On this question, it is only among seculars that a majority are in agreement with the pro-immigrant sentiments.


Attitudes Toward Immigration in Red and Blue

N.B.: Red counties = Comptés républicains; Blue counties = Comptés démocrates; Swing counties = Comptés partagés

The overall population of red counties is 93% native-born, with just 7% born outside the U.S. Fully 59% of red-county residents live in places where fewer than one-in-20 people are foreign-born. By contrast, blue counties have more than twice as many foreign-born residents (17% overall); about one-in-three blue-county residents (34%) live in areas where foreign-born people make up a fifth or more of the total population.

Pew Research Center
Attitudes Toward Immigration: In the Pulpit and the Pew
Attitudes Toward Immigration in Red and Blue